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Meet Rules

2022 Arrival Times

  • EARLIEST ARRIVAL is 4:30 pm. The pool is not available until 4:00 and we need time to set up the deck.
  • 2022 Meet, Volunteer Report and Swimmer Warm Up Times: TBA
  • Swimmers must check with the coach before leaving a swim meet!

Parking: Be prepared to walk a long distance. 

  • Parking overflow will be along the neighborhood streets leading to the pool. 
  • "No Parking" signs should be posted directing vehicles to park on only one side of the street. This ensures there is an adequate corridor for emergency vehicles to travel in and out of the event, if necessary. 

Weather Policy – SHOW UP, RAIN OR SHINE! 

  • A swim meet will not be delayed or canceled due to rain. 
  • Spectators should bring an umbrella or wear a rain jacket. 
  • The Meet Committee will try to get a swim meet in on the scheduled day vs. attempting to reschedule. 
  • If inclement weather (thunder and lightning)  threatens during a swim meet, the Head Official will ask swimmers to leave the pool and pool deck, and to seek shelter (usually your vehicle). 
  • Delays may range from 15 minutes to more than an hour
  • We ask that you don't leave the swim meet until you have verification it has been canceled and rescheduled, BUT you need to make weather safety decisions you feel are best for your family
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