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Swimmer and Volunteer Sign Up Information


How to RSVP Swimmers and Register for Jobs at a Meet:

  • Log In to the Website. Log-In is found in the upper right hand corner.
  • Sign on to your account. If you can’t remember your password, click "Forgot your password" to reset your password.
  • Go to Calendar & Meets tab
  • Scroll to green "Job Entry" or "Meet Entry" tab

Swimmer RSVP: Please Click "Team Calendar" to RSVP and sign up on the calendar events

  • To accurately track which swimmers will be available for meets, parents are required to log-in online and indicate whether or not your child will be attending each upcoming meet. 
  • AFTER swimmer sign up opens, navigate to the swim meet on the calendar and click the green "meet entry" button.
  • For each of your swimmers, select an option from the drop down next to their names: either Attending or Not Attending
  • Meet Registration closes Monday 8:00 pm before a meet. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • We understand that with summer travel plans it is often impossible to make every swim meet.
  • Note: Swimmers can be entered in up to 3 individual events and 2 relays, depending on the size of the teams, meet, and pool. Some swimmers may only have 2 individual events

Volunteer RSVP (Please Click "Team Calendar" to RSVP and sign up on the calendar events)

Job Sign-up

  • Click the green JOB SIGNUP tab and sign up for volunteer shifts (note one parent may sign in both parents to save time of registering, scroll down and you’ll see the other parent listed). If you know you and your spouse will not be at this meet, skip to Swimmer Sign-up.
  • Click Save Assignments.
  • Click Back to Sign-up Calendar.
  • While designating your swimmer’s attendance for the meet you can also sign-up for volunteer shifts. EACH SWIM TEAM FAMILY is required to sign up for 4 shifts. You can work these slots in full meets, or work a ½ meet at a time. 
  • Volunteers must work the entire shift even if the swimmer is finished before that shift is over.
  • Please make sure to carefully select volunteer slots for the meets you and your swimmer will attend.
  • You must complete your parent volunteer shift even if your swimmer does not swim. If a volunteer does not find a shift replacement and is a no show for a shift, their swimmer cannot swim in the following meet.

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