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Meet Volunteer Roles


EACH SWIM TEAM FAMILY is required to sign up for 4 shifts. One shift is one half of a meet (first half or second half). You can sign up for two shifts and work a full meet, or sign up for half shifts at a time. It takes an enormous effort to smoothly run a swim meet. Your work as a volunteer is critical to ensure a wonderful experience for your swimmers and our guests.

KEY VOLUNTEERS: Key volunteers fulfill special roles throughout the season. Their volunteer requirement is satisfied by filling that role. No further sign ups are required. To learn more refer to the Key Volunteer Guide:

Key Volunteer Guide

VOLUNTEER SHIFT RULES: Each family who is not already engaged as a key volunteer or board member is obligated to sign up for 4 of the remaining volunteer shifts until all available meet shifts are full. Families who do not sign up for at least one volunteer shift cannot declare their swimmers for meets. If a volunteer no‐shows their shift, their swimmers cannot swim in the next meet. The adult who signed up for the shift should work that shift. Volunteers must be 18 or above. 

Volunteer Job Descriptions/Responsibilities

Home Meet Set Up – Report 3:45 PM 

  • Set up the check-in tent and check-in table in the upper parking lot by stairs
  • On pool deck, move chairs and tables to block kiddie pool and deep end, set up staging areas, bench area, lane numbers on fence, GCSL rule sign at entry gate, cones around starter area, heat/lane pole signs, etc.
  • Set up younger swimmer shade tents, and swimmer shade pop ups on deck and grass.
  • Individual families can set up ONLY after the deck is set.

Parent Worker Check in - Report 4:00 PM (Home and Away) 

  • Check-in the parents who are scheduled to work the meet and hand out the name tags with the job assignments. 
  • Call any workers who are missing 
  • Greet swimmers and their families as they arrive, answer questions, and give directions. Remind swimmers to check in with Coach  
  • These volunteers remain in place until the start of the meet and make sure all workers have arrived.

Age Group Swimmer Safety (Home and Away) 

  • Sit with your group
  • Know where the first aid kit is
  • Report any accidents or hazards to coaches or co-council 
  • Monitor the swimmers area during the meet and make sure the swimmers stay out of  water when not swimming 
  • Remind all the swimmers pick up trash and remind them to keep their area clean

Swimmer Round up – Staging Step #1 (Home and Away) 

  • First half report 5:45 PM.
  • Begin lining up first events immediately. 
  • These parents have a bullhorn and the event chart to call for an event
  • They are step one in getting swimmers ready to line up in swimmers area 

Swimmer Line Up - Staging Step #2 (Home and away)

  • First half report 5:45 PM.
  • Begin lining up first events immediately. 
  • Line swimmers up for the different heats of the events on the benches 
  • Check and recheck the swimmer order. 
  • Home and Away swimmers may merge at this point depending on the deck. 

Swimmers behind the blocks  – Staging Step #3 

  • Staging Exp preferred (Home and Away) 
  • First half report 5:45 PM. 
  • Begin lining up first events immediately. 
  • Line up the swimmers in the chairs behind the blocks and does the last double check that they are ready to swim. 
  • Also referred to as Clerk of the Course
  • This is the final step in staging.

Timers (Home and Away)

  • Report 5:35PM for first half to get watches and attend meeting 
  • Time swimmers in a specific lane of the pool. One timer is on deck as back up in case a timer makes an error.
  • Operate a stopwatch and remember to verify the swimmers name when they exit the pool.

Runner (Home)

  • Gather the heat sheets after each event, put them in number order
  • Take them to the scorer - computer room

Head Scorer Assistant (Home)

  • Help with data entry of swimmer's times

Computer Room Assistant (Home)

  • Help computer room in any way needed, whether data entry, organizing heat sheets, helping with ribbons or taping score sheets to window
  • Run any time sheet issues to Meet Managers

Score Verifier (Away) 

  • Check the entered times with the actual time sheets

Ribbons (Home and Away)

  • Put the time labels on the ribbons and file them by swimmer name in team boxes

Lane Recorder (Home)

  • Report 5:35PM for first half to get recorder book and attend meeting
  • Double check swimmer name to make sure they are in right lane / heat
  • Write down the time neatly from the timer in the recorder book

Heat winner (Home)

  • Hand out a heat winner item to each heat winner, including relays
  • First half pick up heat winner items at check in table

Deck Reset (Home)

  • After the meet reset the deck 
  • Pick up any trash
  • Break down tents and check in tent
  • Gather any signs in parking lot

Fun Friday Helper (day after meet)

  • 7:45 AM pick up donuts at Duncan Donuts
  • Arrive at pool, do black ribbons (time buster, these labels are printed after the meet is over the night before and coach brings labels to pool) 
  • File black ribbons in box
  • Monitor donuts, one per swimmer until everyone has one
  • Clean up donuts 
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