Week 4 Top 100 Individuals and Top Relays

    The top 100 individuals and top relays lists are attached.  Swimmers have one more opportunity to try to qualify for county this upcoming Monday, June 28.  We will only swim individual events during this meet.  There will be one session for all age groups.  Warm-ups will begin at 5:00 PM and the meet will begin at 6:00 PM.   All swimmers are invited to participate regardless of where you stand in terms of county qualifying.  Please let us know your status no later than Sunday, June 27 by 6:00 PM.  You may choose your events for the meet.  If you are unable to select events then please email me at swimga@aol.com with your swimmer's name and events. 

    A new top 100 list will be published on Tuesday after the meet.  The top 50 swimmers in each event are invited to participate in the county meet.  Swimmers that are ranked above 50th place may get into the meet after swimmers choose the 3 events that they want to swim.  For example, a swimmer may be ranked 75th in an event and still end up in the top 50 if 25 or more swimmers ahead of them choose different events or choose not to participate.  

    We will conduct practice next week starting Tuesday (8-9 AM and 9-10 AM) for all those that are in the top 100 individually and/or competing on our A relay at County.  Swimmers that normally train from 10-10:30 AM will move into the 9-10 AM practice slot and join our regular 9-10 AM swimmers.  We will enter a medley and free relay for every age group at the county meet.  The relay swimmers will be determined once families have declared their swimmer's status for the county meet.

    Monday, June 28, is a normal practice for the entire team (8-10:30).  Entries for the county meet are due on Thursday, July 1.  We will know which swimmers qualified for the meet on Monday, July 5 in the evening.  Anyone in the top 50 will automatically be qualified, but many of our swimmers ranked above 50th have a good chance of getting into the meet!  

    Gwinnett County Championship Meet schedule (at Georgia Tech):  

    Friday, July 9:  15-18's  Warm-up at 4 PM / Meet starts at 5:30 PM

    Saturday, July 10:  9-10's Warm-up at 8 AM / Meet starts at 9:15 AM

                                  13-14's  Warm-up at 1:30 PM / Meet starts at 3:15 PM

    Sunday, July 11:  8 & unders  Warm-up at 7:30 AM / Meet starts at 9:15 AM

                                11-12's  Warm-up at 1:30 PM / Meet starts at 3 PM


    Coach Rick

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