Chateau Elan Coaches Notes for practice

    Good evening parents, 

    This is a special note from Chateau Elan Coaches Heidi and Rick Creed. We are excited about our first practice of the season tomorrow. There are just a few things we would like to remind you as we get started with our first practice.

    1. Swim Equipment- Please make sure your swimmer has goggles if it all possible for the first swim practice. A swim cap will also help your swimmer so that their hair does not get in their eyes while they are swimming. Appropriate swim goggles make a big difference. I recommend youth speedo, TYR , or other competitive brands. Youth goggles for the younger swimmers will fit properly on their small faces and prevent water from leaking into their goggles. If your child does not know how to fix their goggles they can ask a coach for assistance. Coaches can also assist with helping swimmers to put on their swim caps. If your swimmer does not want to wear a swim cap and has long hair, we recommend making sure it is tied back with some strong bands. Swimming laps with hair flopping back-and-forth can be a distraction and a hindrance.
    1. Swimmer is crying or scared… If your swimmer is fearful of the water and does not want to get in, that is a clear indication that they need swim lessons. Please do not force your child to swim if they are crying or scared. Encourage them to give it a try. If they refuse, have them sit with you and watch practice. Perhaps they will realize that there is nothing to fear. If that doesn’t help, there are many wonderful programs out there that teach lessons year-round in an indoor pool.
    2. Water temp- If the air temp is below 70° we may consider canceling practice depending on the water temperature. Please check your email or Facebook page for any possible cancellations when the weather is cold or stormy. Tomorrow we are anticipating that it will be slightly windy and children with low body fat will get uncomfortable quickly. If we see that a child has blue lips and has difficulty talking, we know it’s time for them to get out. Please trust us, we’ve been doing this for a long time and we know what’s best for the Swimmer.
    3. The coach knows…. There will always be two to four coaches on the pool deck. If you have any immediate concerns, please do not coach your child. You may come over and talk to one of the head coaches, Heidi or Rick, to address your concern. We cannot talk very long because our eyes need to be on the swimmers. We can always discuss your concerns after swim practice. If a parent is coaching and trying to communicate to their child, their child may become stressed, distracted or confused. Coach Heidi and Rick combined have been coaching for over 80 years oh my lol 😂 Trust us, swimmers will learn a lot through trial and error.
    4. Staying positive…. As coaches we always try to give positive feedback to the swimmers. We will make corrections when needed but positive reinforcement is what brings them back the next day. Even if a swimmer gets out halfway through the practice, discuss with your child the positive things you witnessed from their practice. Not every day will be perfect, especially in the beginning of the season. Your competitive swimmer not only will need to build their cardio, but also improve their technique. It all takes time. Rick and I always say a swimming career is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
    5. The first two weeks….. of swim practice will be a little chaotic. We will be trying to place swimmers in the proper lanes before we can really start training hard. By the time the third week rolls around everything will hopefully run like a well oiled machine. Consistency with practice is important. We know people have graduations and other commitments to attend, but once we start morning work out we would like to see consistent attendance. Once we shift to the mornings, we will run practices Mon-Thurs, and a fun Friday where we will give out ribbons, and play water polo and other games.

    Rick and I are very excited about this season. We have a lot of new swimmers and also wonderful athletes returning. And we cannot thank the board enough for all they have done this season so far to keep the Wahoos going! It really does take a village. And to our veteran parents, if you see a parent that’s in distress or confused, please reach out to them and possibly answer some of their questions. I appreciate all those parents that take control and reach out. We are a team and in many ways, we are a family. We feel that is why we have been so successful.

    “Fly like a Wahoo”

    Heidi and Rick

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