Congratulations 9-10’s

    Congratulations  to our nine and 10 Swimmer‘s for their outstanding performance this morning at the county meet. Our team currently sits in fifth place.

    Our relays swam exceptionally well.  Peyton Warren, Nina Beauchemin, Sienna Naea, and Cedella Clark placed third in the freestyle relay,  Nina, Sienna, Jayla Tollett, and Cedella place fourth in the medley relay. Thiago Lopez Barnes, Liam Crane, Logan Edgar, and Cory White placed 6th in the medley relay. Thiago, Logan, Chase Reeves, and Cory placed 14th in the free relay. 

    there were many outstanding individual swims performed by Cedella, Brynna Sommers, Eden O’Rear, Emma Fritz, Nina, Sienna, Jayla, Peyton, Calista Merrell, Elizabeth Joedecke, Logan, Cory, Liam, Thiago, and Chase, 

    Good luck to all the swimmers the rest of the weekend. Congratulations to all of the nine and tens for their outstanding effort, spirit, and sportsmanship! OK

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