Wahoo’s finish second at county!

    Congratulations to the 11-12 swimmers this afternoon! They stepped up big time and helped the WAHOOS bring home a SECOND place trophy!  this is the highest place fetish we’ve had in almost 10 years. We are so incredibly proud of all of this swimmers for their hard work and determination!

    Are relay swim extremely well! Melanie Jones, Sawyer Ross, Mia White, and Shelby Claire Drake placed first in the medley relay!  Shelby, Mia, Kayla Crane, and Melanie placed second in the freestyle relay.  Wyatt English, Ryland Sheppard, Daniel Atkins, and Michael Barrette placed 10th in the medley and 11th in the free relay. 

    Melanie won the 50 yard backstroke! Other swimmers finishing in the top 10 were Ryland, Mia, Shelby Claire, Daniel, and Kayla.

    Other outstanding individual swims were performed by Sawyer, Loren Brown, Taylor Simmons, and Wyatt!

    Congratulations to all of these swimmers for their outstanding effort, spirit, and sportsmanship! We are so extremely proud of all of the Château Elan swimmers that participated in this weekend’s meet!

    Thanks to all the parents that volunteered! We hope everyone is able to make tomorrow nights team party. We are so proud to be a part of the Wahoo family! 

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